A Few Of My Favorite Beauty Products!

Smashbox BB Cream

This product is AMAZING!!
I walked into a Sephora store and asked one of the lovely makeup artists to HELP ME! Find a good foundation. She asked me if I use make up regularly and I told her that I don’t. I work in a kitchen so I’m always with my hair pulled back in a hat. On a regular basis I wear mascara, chapstick, and a little cheek tint. So I wanted something light, moisturizing, and not “CAKEY!”. And then this wonderful woman introduced me to Smashbox BB Cream. It’s a primer, and tinted moisturizer all in one. FAB!! I put it on and you can’t tell I’m wearing it. Though I only wear it when going out on social activities. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!

ILLAMASQUA Lipstick in Howl

Same day I walked into that Sephora store and fell in love with Smashbox BB Cream. I almost made it to the register to check out. When I remembered! I NEED A HOT RED LIPSTICK! I wondered around clueless and another lovely makeup artist asked me if I needed help (It was obvious I was all kinds of lost) and I told her I was on the hunt for a long wear red lipstick. She introduced me to ILLAMASQUA super awesome lipstick in “Howl”. She said it was a personal favorite. I was a little skeptical about it being the perfect red for me because I had “Olive Skin” and she was very “Fair Skin”. She went on and put it on my lips and O M G!! I was IN LOVE!! It is one of those rare colors that suits and flatters any skin tone. And when she said it was long wear, she meant it. It will stay on your mouth all day long with little to no reapplying!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Lipstick in “HOT PINK” 36

This SPECIALLY DELICIOUS!! Lipstick is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! And it’s my boyfriend’s (Julian) favorite too! Though its super bright, its perfect for everyday wear. You can wear it with simple eyes, or smokey eye. It has become my favorite accessory!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Lipstick in “PURPLE” 15

NOW!! This is a fun lipstick. It might look a little scary. I was terrified at first. But this awesome make up artist at the MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutique on Robertson said “There’s something I really want to try on you. May I?” I said GO FOR IT! And the end result was WOW!! BAMM!! HOT DAMN!! I loved it so much I ended up buying it and walking out the door wearing at 2:00PM on a very sunny afternoon. It’s very fun, and daring. LOVE IT!!

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