Hair Food!

I get asked often what do I do to keep my hair so shiny and healthy. And my answer always starts with…

“Do you really want to know???”

Here is what I do to keep my hair long, shiny, and healthy!

** Secret #1!**

I only wash my hair once a week. I have naturally very curly hair. So washing my hair more than twice a week dries my hair and don’t allow for the natural oils your scalp releases to do their thing. Your scalp produces and releases these oils for a reason. They are your hair’s BFF!!

**Secret #2!**

I make homemade treatments for my hair. And my favorite one is this hair mask I make with Mayonnaise, Eggs, and Coconut Oil. I do this once a week. And my hair LOVES IT!! Ever since I started doing it a few months ago I get tons of compliments on how shiny and soft my hair is.

Just mix Mayonnaise (whatever amount you need depending on the length of your hair. Just make sure you make enough to get your entire hair. Saturate your ends with it.) 2 Eggs, and Coconut Oil in a bowl. Coconut oil comes in solid form so you’ll have to melt it separately before adding it to the mix. Detangle your hair and add the mix to it. Make sure you soak your ends. Then leave on your hair for 30 minutes covered with a shower cap or use a plastic bag. This helps your scalp release and retain heat which turns this into a deeper conditioner. Once your 30 minutes are up! Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. Make sure to get it all out. And then do your regular conditioner routine if you have one.

**Secret #3!**

I use my fingers to detangle my hair. It minimized breakage and its gentler on your hair. And it works just as good as a comb. You’ll always see me running my fingers through my hair. But its just me detangling and showing my hair some LOOOVE!


I know a lot of people don’t believe in taking vitamins and supplements but I do. They work for me. And for over a year now I’ve been taking Biotin. It has made my hair grow significantly faster. I recently got my bangs trimmed and I honestly have to go in to see my hair stylist at the Nine Zero One salon at least once a week. And every time I go I ask her to cut them a bit shorter. I have regular appointments with her every 2 weeks to trim my bangs. Right now my hair is the longest it has been since I was 18 years old. I am LOVING IT!!

**Secret #5!**

I loooooove, love, love! Adding honey to my regular conditioner. It adds shine, dimension, and even highlights to my hair. Honey releases its natural peroxide when diluted. Which can lighten hair over time. You don’t see a change in color right away. But over time, with regular use, you do. And its so much better and healthier than bleaching.

**Secret #6!**

I drink protein shakes every day for breakfast. Protein healthy hair comes mostly from the inside. There’s only so much you can add to your hair and do to your hair. But its really what you put in your body and how healthy you are that counts. Protein isn’t just good for your body and muscles and its not just for the fitness nuts. Protein is essential for overall health and your hair needs it and loves it. Your hair is made out of protein after all. So DRINK UP! For breakfast I usually blend half a Banana, a few Strawberries, a cup of Blueberries, and a cup of Spinach with my favorite protein powder and Almond Milk.

By the way, I make my own Almond Milk at home. It’s very easy, super nutritious, and delicious. But I’ll leave all that for another post.

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