My Facial Skincare Routine…

Pardon my rambling but I’ve had 1 or maybe 4 too many glasses of wine tonight. But I got a sudden inspiration to write this post.

I have this horrible habit… I call it the “Ke$ha” habit. When I don’t wash my makeup off every night. Like I should! I’m just too damn lazy! It is a miracle from BEYOND! That I have nice skin. As a matter of fact I get compliments on my skin and my face and my complexion on a daily basis. SHOUT OUT TO MY MOM!! THANKS MOM FOR THE GOOD SKIN GENES. But I am 25 years old darn it! (Just turned 25 on February 3rd) And I need to be more responsible with my skin because unfortunately I ain’t getting any younger. So I’ve been taking good care of my face as of lately and here is what I have been using and I’ve had good improvements and results I can see and feel.

Lush Cosmetic Ocean Salt!

This is the most amazing facial scrub ever. I exfoliate my face 3 times a week with it and I’ve seen major clarity and brightness on my complexion and my face feels smooth and fresh.

Lush Fresh Farmacy – Soothing Calamine Cleanser!

I was introduced to this cleanser when I was making an unfortunate return of Lush’s 9 to 5 cleanser. Which was good. But not the greatness I was looking for. This one though! Has become my best friend. I use it as my night cleanser. The one I use to take all the daily bullshit off my face. It is AMAZING!! Exactly what I was looking for. A deep cleanser, yet gentle because my facial skin can be very sensitive at times. And it takes off all and any makeup I have on my face leaving no makeup residue. My towel looks CLEAN! After I wash my face with this. And it even washes off waterproof eyeliner and heavy smokey eye makeup. Simply, AMAZING!!

Neutrogena Acne Wash!

I use this as my morning cleanser. Though I don’t suffer from acne (again! shout out to my mom. Thanks for the great skin) I do get those once in a while “period” breakouts! And I do work with food which means all those oils and bullshit get on my face. So I get a few little bumps here and there and this is “preventive” product and it gives my face a good deep clean which is great! There’s nothing like a clean face. And if you’re a daily makeup girl there’s nothing like a clean, smooth canvas for your art/paint.

Oil Of Olay Moisturizer!

Nothing fancy, but very effective and a long time favorite. My grandmom has used this, my mom uses this, and I’ve been using it for years. It moisturizes ¬†without leaving any greasy, shiny residue. And it protects your face from the sun’s damaging rays. Always a must!

Honey Girl Organics

I use this as my night moisturize because it’s kind of heavy and it leaves a greasy look on your face. Which is great for bed time since your face dries out a lot at night. But not so cute during the day. You look like a grease ball!! Super shiny! Definitely not cute!

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