Being A Vegetarian In A “Meat Eating” World!

This is my first “About Me” post. And I want to share with you all a bit about me and my diet. I am a Vegetarian. Been a Vegetarian for about 3 years now. And very proud of it as a matter of fact. When people ask me “Why are you a Vegetarian” my answer is both for ethical and health reasons. Let me take you back. Way back…

As a kid I was never much of a “meat eater”. But growing up in a very Hispanic family where meat was the main dish. Well, I was forced to eat it and forced to like it. I am from Dominican Republic but raised in Miami, FL. And now living in LA. Anyway, back to the topic! Growing up in such a “meat eating” family I was forced to eat it, like it, and eventually I became a “meat eater” by default. Fast forward to Summer 2009. I move to LA.

Though I had my own place in Miami, and a good job. I never felt like I was living my “own life”. I kept having this feeling of being “trapped” and living my life according to others. Trying to conform and fit in when I’ve always been the biggest outcast. Even in my own group of friends. I came to LA by myself. You may ask, “Why LA?” Well, I had lived in NYC for a few years when I was younger and I have family there. But I was looking for an adventure. Something different, something new. Where nobody knew me and I could “create myself”. I’m a big city girl. I was born in the capital of Dominican Republic, lived in NYC for a few years, and then moved to Miami. Where else could I go, that’s far away from here (Miami), where I could start my life??? LA was the answer. So here I am. I was 22 when I moved here. Alone, with just my boyfriend to help me for a few days to find an apartment and move in. I got a job within 2 weeks of being here and so my journey began!

LA exposed me to a lot of things. The people here seem to live in another “world”. Do things differently, dress differently, eat differently. I felt “FREE” here. Every LA native I met told me how they never been outside of California. Only to Vegas. Which is insane to me since I’ve been a rolling stone since I was 4 years old. Never in the same city for more than a year or 2. Never in the same school for more than a year or 2. And these guys and girls have been here their entire lives. WOW!! This place has earned its name of “LaLa Land!”.

Moving here exposed me to a whole other lifestyle. Freedom, youth, unconventional… Be yourself who gives a shit who sees or cares! And I fit right in.

Going back to become a Vegetarian. I met some people through work who introduced me to “Vegetarianism”. I never knew there was such a thing. Really! Seriously! No bullshit! Vegetarianism doesn’t exist in Miami. Let alone Dominican Republic.  I was so intrigued. I asked why they decided to become Vegetarians and how long they had been Vegetarians. Lots of them had been Vegetarians since almost birth! And other through most of their lives. Most of them did it for ethical reasons. I studied what they ate and how they ate. I felt like I had encountered an alien species. They were so intriguing to me. One day after hearing all of their stories and their reasons. I went home, and did hours and hours of research on Vegetarianism. I did this for a few days. And then decided, just like that! That I was going to become a Vegetarian.

Reason #1 for me. And still is reason #1 because I feel very strong about it. I felt like a hypocrite. I am a HUGE!! Animal lover. And I could never hurt an animal. Let a lone kill it. So I told myself, “If you can’t kill it.You shouldn’t eat it.” And it’s true. If I see an animal being killed in front of me, and then being cooked for dinner. I won’t eat it. Trust me! I know because my mom used to kill the bunnies we raised and cook them and I just couldn’t. I’d throw up and cry and not talk to her for days.

To me becoming a Vegetarian was very easy. All I had to do was do my research and make up my mind. I am known for being a person with a strong will power and I do anything I set my mind to do. I found my reason. Good enough reasons for me and I did it. I did it for me. Because it was the right thing for me and never tried to force that onto anyone else. My boyfriend enjoys eating meat. But respect the fact that I home I won’t cook it. And I won’t buy it. And he eats what I cook. If he wants meant he can buy it and cook it himself!

Aside from the ethical part, being a Vegetarian has done wonders for my health. I was known for being a very sick kid. I always had a cold, a flu, a bug, an ache. Always SOMETHING! And ever since becoming a Vegetarian I hardly ever, if ever, get sick. My skin glows, I feel great physically, my hair is healthier and grows tons. I just feel great. It has made me a better version of myself. I care for my health now. It has taught me how to eat. It has taught me to read labels and be aware and conscience of what I put in my body. Through it I discovered Yoga, and Meditation. It taught me how to properly take care of myself, my body, my health. How to be environmentally conscience.

Becoming a Vegetarian, for me, was more than just food. It was a whole lifestyle change. It was a complete cleanse and purification of my system and soul. I became a better person. A happier person. A more aware, compassionate person. It completely changed my life for the better. That’s why I say “I’m a Vegetarian! And proud of it!”.

Again… Pardon my rambling… I wrote this with half a bottle of wine in me. There’s something about wine… It does something to me that inspires me to talk/write a whole lot of rambling and shit.

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  1. Request for permission to use images in Research Project
    To whom it may concern,
    I am Khoo Tze Siew. I am a student from INTI International University in Malaysia. I am doing a research on vegetarianism for one of my subjects in college. I hope that you do not mind me using a picture from your website in my pamphlet on vegetarianism. This pamphlet is only for academic purpose. Thank you very much.
    Yours faithfully,

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