Lazy Day Cooking At Home!

So I’ve embarked on a “Low Carb Vegetarian” diet and lifestyle this week. I’m enjoying discovering new low carb options. Making new low carb meals at home. I’m already a Vegetarian, I don’t eat much bread, I don’t care for pasta, but my biggest challenge here is cutting down on how often I eat rice. I love rice! And I usually eat it every day. But now I have to teach myself to not always eat with a side of rice. It’s been good so far. =]

I bought this awesome Low Carb bread from Julian’s Bakery at Whole Foods Market. It’s delicious! 

This morning…

I had fresh squeezed Grapefruit Juice, Low Carb toasts with Goat Cheese and Berry Jam. SO GOOD!! 

I found these surprisingly delicious line of meatless products called Quorn at Whole Foods Market. It is by far the best and tastiest meatless product I’ve ever had. 

Tonight for dinner…

I had Spicy Black Beans, Quorn “Not Chicken” Sauteed, with Avocado. 

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