Pastel Dreams!

7 responses to “Pastel Dreams!

  1. I love pastels on others, but not on myself. Not to much anyway.

    • I love pastels too. I think that the way to way pastels is to wear one pastel garment at a time. Like pastel colored denim with a white top and a black blazer. Or a pastel color blazer with white denim, black denim or regular blue denim with a white tank. Or accessorize your outfit with a pastel colored bag. That’s usually how I do it. =]
      One piece at a time. Or else you end up looking like a cake! =]

  2. I love that first picture of the pastel dresses, I just want to run into that rack with my arms outstreched :p

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  4. fantastic pics !!! cant decide which one i like the most

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