My Style Sweetheart! Wendy Nguyen

This woman’s style is absolute perfection. FLAWLESS!!

I love how “minimalistic” her style is and how every outfit is put together in perfect harmony. Her style “sings” to me. Her hair is simple, her makeup is clean and simple. Her accessories are simple and add the perfect touch to her outfits. Never overwhelming. Always complementing her look.

I also love that she wears her hair in a bun most of the time. And everybody knows, no one appreciates and loves a bun like I do. Hair buns are my signature hairstyle. They can be casual, sophisticated, messy and edgy. But above all, Oh so very comfortable.

Of all the women (models, style bloggers) whose style I emulate and whose style inspire me, Wendy’s style is by far the one closest to my own personal style. Very feminine, minimalist, with little accent touches here and there. It looks very “working girl on the go!”. Looks that translate from work, to dinner date, to drinks with the girls.

She has a “signature” style which she never compromises. My style is still a little all over the place. I have my “signature” looks, but then some days I wear some completely out of character shit. My personal style has “mood swings”. It’s on its teenage years still. I’m hoping it will settle eventually.

Till then, I got Wendy to keep inspiring me.

3 responses to “My Style Sweetheart! Wendy Nguyen

  1. OMG, I follow her ALL THE TIME! I loveeeeeeeee checking her website to see her outfit of the day & her youtube channel! ugh, SO CUTE ! She is such an amazing fashion inspiration! I aspire to be just like her =)
    So awesome to know other people who love her style too! *high fives*

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