If you’re like me, and you enjoy “people watching” over dinner and drinks. Outdoors dinning at an NYC restaurant offers premium “people watching” seats. Outdoors dinning anywhere is tons of fun. But honestly, and it’s not just because I’m a New York girl, there’s just nothing like a warm Spring/Summer in NYC, sitting outside at your favorite corner cafe, with great company, having good talks, and doing a little people watching. I could try to explain it as good as I can, but I guess it’s just something you have to experience for yourselves. I found some great pictures to give you guys a little visual of why I love outdoors dining in NYC. And why I love NYC in the Spring/Summer.

3 responses to “THINGS I LOVE… WEDNESDAY!

  1. Did u take all these pics?? Mindblowing! Especially the first pic. It would be awesome sitting at this height looking at the buildings trying to touch the night sky..

  2. This is amazing, would love to visit NYC in the near future.

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