Lately my life has shifted focus in a very unexpected. But also very pleasant nonetheless. Don’t know if it has anything to do with the season or just, you know, life. But I went from being all about business and work and career. To now my world being all about those wonderful, random people who keep walking into my life and leaving their prints in my heart. I have this sudden desire to be surrounded by these wonderful people all the time. To gather all of them together in one room and have many long, interesting, fun conversations over many bottles of wine. These people bring me so much joy. I feel as if they have been put in my way to distract me from all my madness and help me relax, and live in the moment.

For a while I was driving myself insane with work, plans, ideas, and the millions of things I want to accomplish because I’ve hit that time in my life where I feel like I am running out of time to do all the things I want to do. I refused to take a break. And I was on the road to exhaustion, burning out, and a total mental breakdown.

Then, one day, I decided to invite one of these lovely interesting people over to my place after work for a fun night of homemade cocktails and “lets get to know each other more” talk. Our fun was interrupted by the sunrise and we decided to call it “a night”. We promised to do this again. She went home, I went to bed. And 6 hours later I woke up hungover, starving, relaxed, and couldn’t wait to do it all over again. The next week we decided to add another person to the party. Again, a night of homemade cocktails, interesting conversations, loud hysterical laughs, and music. We ended the night by passing out on my couch and the sunrise waking us up. They went home, I went to bed, woke up a few hours later hungover, starving, happy, relaxed, and totally hooked on these once a week “drinks after work at Jessyka’s”.

These amazing people have been strategically put in my path to pull me out of myself, out of my bubble, and breathe. They have become very important people to me. And hold a dear place in my heart. I will forever be thankful to them because in a way I feel like they saved me from myself. The kind of chaos that only we can inflict on ourselves. Totally unnecessary and often inevitable.

Most recently, another interesting character waltz into my random world in the most random of fashions. I was never one to believe in “things happen for a reason”, and “its meant to be”, up until recently. When things just sort of started happening, and falling into place too perfectly for it to just be coincidence. This newest person, lets call him… “Jared”. I truly believe we were meant to meet. We have a lot in common. We have similar desires, goals, dreams. We can spend hours talking about the many things we want to do and see. He brings a certain excitement to my days, makes me laugh a little harder, roll my eyes a little longer, act a little sillier, and understands me in ways that not many can. Though he’s only been around for about a month, I’ve grown very fond of “Jared”. His dreams and career are threatening to yank him out of my life unexpectedly. But I am not ready to let him go. I feel there’s much too much we have yet to learn from each other and talk about. Lets hope he gets to stick around for a while longer.

Interesting to think back, and recollect how up until just a few months ago my entire world revolved around “ME”. And now it’s become about these characters and I. I am looking forward to making more amazing memories with the people in my life right now and excited to see who else joins me on my journey and what quirkiness they may bring.



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