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Hey guys,
I am so sorry for being missing in action for so long. I’ve been on a busy life hiatus, went through this long period of withdrawal and antisocialness, was on the Master Cleanser for 20 days to detox and start the new year fresh and almost lost my sanity in the process, had a major career change and went from working with food (one of my loves) to now working in the fashion industry (another one of loves), and I’m in a much better head space. It was time for a change, change is good, and I like to keep myself on my toes. Now I am working on making time for the things I love and this includes my blog, sharing and connecting with all of you, also eating better, getting back on my regular Yoga routine, meditating, and pushing and pulling myself out of my comfort zone. How does that sound? That sort of sums it all up, I think. I’ve been very active on my instagram snapping shots of almost everything I’m doing and my whereabouts. If you have instagram you can look me up under Jessyka_Winston. 
I want you guys to know that I appreciate every single one of you and I am so thankful and grateful that you guys still come around to check me out.