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Any Bobbi Brown fans reading this?
I came across this product recently as I was in Sephora looking for a new concealer since the one I was using at the time wasn’t working for me. I have awful, and when I say awful, I mean awful dark circles under my eyes and unfortunately its hereditary so there isn’t much I can do to make them disappear. I have tried so many concealers, under eye cream and treatments, and I’ve been left disappointed and pissed for wasting money and something that didn’t work. I don’t wear foundation on a regular basis, just my moisturizer and on occasion I’ll wear BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer. So I was looking for a concealer that match my skin enough and blended enough and also concealed enough that I could wear it everyday on a naked face with just a little blush, mascara, and lipgloss. The girl at Sephora looked at me sideways and said that I was asking for a miracle and then walked me over to Bobbi Brown. I purchased the concealer in “Honey”. The Bobbi Brown concealer comes with this creamy but not heavy concealer and loose pale powder to help set the concealer. I tried on my new Bobbi Brown concealer the next morning for work and I instantly noticed the difference in coverage. It is so creamy but not heavy which is great because you can keep piling it on to your desire coverage, AMAZING! The other major thing I noticed was how it matched my skin tone perfectly even on my bare face, when before I used to struggle with concealers that though they helped cover some of the darkness under my eyes, you could see that I was wearing concealer because my face was one tone and under my eyes was another tone. I have olive skin. You can see the veins under my skin bright green and my skin’s version of pale is yellow. So during the winter, when I get little to no sun, my skin is rather yellowish. Not cute! So I rely on blush to make me look alive. Bobbi Brown caters to difficult, uneven skin tones like mine making it my miracle makeup product. I swear by it. And no longer feel the need to go searching for other brands of concealer. It feels amazing when you finally find something that works for you and you feel was made for you.
Now, this little guy right here is the equivalent of delicious creamy frosting on top of my  favorite red velvet cupcake that is already amazing all on it’s own without the frosting but adding the frosting takes it to a whole other level. Do you get me? 
Well, yes, this is Bobbie Brown’s Corrector. This goes on before you put on your Bobbi Brown Concealer to even out the dark, purple, blue, and green undertones that makes for those ugly “Uncle Fester” under eyes. I used the Bobbi Brown concealer for about 3 weeks all on its own and I loved it. And then I went online and started watching Bobbi Brown’s makeup tutorials and I saw that she always used this “corrector” before the concealer, so I did my research and went to Sephora and purchased it. It took an already amazing product to a whole other level of amazingness. It makes my dark circles nonexistent, completely gone. Amazing, amazing, amazing product. I can’t wait to try other Bobbi Brown products. 
Maybe, one day, I’ll be brave enough to show you guys how bad the dark circles under my eyes are. One day…